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Human Resource Issues?

We are also staffed to consult on Human Resources issues using our
in house SHRM Professionals.

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Want a Complete Overhaul of Your Safety Program?

We can help with that!

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Need Your Human Resources Department kept current?

We’ve got you covered.

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Require an On-Site Inspection?

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Need Human Resources Manuals, Training or Audits?

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We can act as your safety
department or any part of it

You May…

  • have needs for specific expertise but are not prepared to employ someone full-time who has that expertise.
  • be growing and you do not need a full-time safety professional yet or you may not need one specific person, such as an accident investigator on a full-time basis.
  • be a larger company but do not need several people to meet your wide array of safety needs

We Will…

  • contract with you on a project by project basis or on an annual basis to meet your safety needs.
  • perform an evaluation of your particular safety needs in any or all areas.

This may include any of the following

An Audit

of your safety plans and programs for effectiveness and compliance with OSHA.

An Inspection

of your facility for hazards or violations.

A Review

of your records for effectiveness and compliance.

An Analysis

of your safety manual for completeness and compliance.

Our recent works may impress you

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The Benefits of On-Site Training


personnel travel time and associated expenses.


your specific equipment and systems.

You choose

the course schedule: mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends.


extended course detail based upon your specific needs.


course content by adjusting topics and equipment models addressed.


are presented at the knowledge level of your personnel.


consistent training message for all of your personnel.

Have privacy

to discuss company specific concerns.

Human Resources Issues?

We are also staffed to consult on Human Resources issues using our in house SHRM Professionals.

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